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  • 08:56:18 - 10/09/2021
      PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The Horizon card personalization system is a high-volume, high-speed system engineered with individual Card Personalization Elements (CPE's) to provide flexibility and customization to meet your specific requirements. With the introduction of CPE's, the Horizon card ....Read more
  • 09:20:39 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Smart Card Manufacturing Machine The DMEX is a low cost milling and embedding solution that sets the standard for value, speed and reliability in a turnkey smart card manufacturing solution. Easy to Use The DMEX is quickly configured with the use of pre-loaded milling template ....Read more
  • 08:57:27 - 10/09/2021
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The ideal solution for adding plastic card printing and encoding capabilities to a kiosk application. The J230iK complements our range of card printers and can readily be incorporated into any selfservice kiosk design. With its specially written firmware, the card can be passed thro ....Read more
  • 09:21:38 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The fastest high-quality desktop card printer on the market today, the ImageMaster S-18 monochrome thermal printer allows you to personalize cards for customers, clients and employees, with outstanding speed and reliability The fastest high-quality printer on the market today, the ....Read more
  • 08:58:17 - 10/09/2021
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The fastest high-quality dual-sided desktop card printer on the market today, the ImageMaster D-40 monochrome thermal printer allows you to personalize cards for customers, clients and employees, with outstanding speed and reliability The D-40 is NBS’s latest addition to the h ....Read more
  • 08:58:49 - 10/09/2021
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Everything looks better with retransfer printing Colours are vibrant. Images are crisp. Quality is second to none. ID cards printed on the Javelin J800i Card Printer do more than protect your organization — they reflect its pride. The Javelin J800i produces ID cards with the ....Read more
  • 09:22:02 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS This high speed, high resolution retransfer technology allows for full color brilliance as well as full bleed images. Colors are vibrant, images are crisp and quality is second to none. ID cards printed on the J1000i™ Card Printer produces the highest image quality available ....Read more
  • 09:22:12 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The Javelin DNA series is our new generation of feature rich desktop ID card printers.  This compact and powerful model is user friendly and delivers outstanding performance at a great price. The Javelin DNA series offers an all in one solution with high quality color or ....Read more
  • 09:22:40 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The Advantage 2000 series is our tabletop card embosser line with a reputation that stands on its own. The Advantage M2 and M3 card embossers are both fast and easy to use and can easily manage heavy card volumes. They can be configured to include a variety of features so that in one ....Read more
  • 09:22:50 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The New Advantage M8 instant issuance embosser makes the ideal all-in-one solution allowing users to encode magnetic strip, program smart chip, print (mono or color), emboss/indent and tip in one pass. The Advantage M8 can reduce customer wait times from weeks to minutes. The M8 c ....Read more
  • 09:22:59 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The universal desktop card embosser and encoder designed for the secure and reliable instant personalization and issuance of credit and debit cards. The Advantage M20 card embosser is part of the Advantage embosser family of products. Secure, reliable and affordable, the Advantage ....Read more
  • 09:23:09 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The LC-200 Desktop Laser Engraver brings secure ID cards to a whole new dimension. This printer is ideally suited for a decentralized environment where the instant issuance of secure cards such as bank cards,k health cards, driver licences and national ID are required. With featur ....Read more
  • 09:23:33 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Our new and improved LC-400 GEN II, is a smart desktop laser engraver, bringing laser engraved cards to a whole new level. The desktop laser engraver is well suited for both centralized and decentralized environments where issuance of secure smart cards such as national ID cards, Dri ....Read more
  • 08:56:32 - 10/09/2021
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The Horizon Evolution HD card personalization system is the expandable solution for customers requiring central card issuance solutions and is specifically designed to bridge the gap between three major markets – Financial/EMV card issuance, Telecom/GSM card issuance, and Secu ....Read more
  • 11:30:42 - 28/12/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The HPX card personalization system is your solution for high-speed personalization of Telecom / GSM cards in a central card issuance environment.   Specifically designed for the production of GSM, contactless and dual interface cards, the HPX card personalization system bring ....Read more
  • 11:30:51 - 28/12/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The NBS-1500 Mail fulfillment system is designed to work inline with the Horizon family of card personalization equipment or as a standalone. The NBS 1500 can connect directly with the Horizon , Horizon Evolution products as well as NBS Desktop products the ImageMaster D40 , and Imag ....Read more
  • 09:42:30 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Add security to your cards with the new Javelin Laminator. The new card laminator provides you with the ability to protect your information from being counterfeited, duplicated and tampered with. Providing simultaneous dual sided laminating at faster speeds and with shorter warm up t ....Read more
  • 09:54:44 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The latest in optimised smart card manufacturing productivity solutions from NBS  is the MLX Dual milling solution. The MLX Dual was designed to meet the consumer's increased demand for Dual interface cards (cards able to handle both contact and contactless interface). ....Read more
  • 09:58:00 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The TRX has been designed to personalize smart devices. The convenience of an all in one solution is complemented by a design composed of many standard components used within the NBS smart card manufacturing and personalization range of products mainly the very well known HPX. ....Read more
  • 10:01:31 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The latest in optimised smart card manufacturing productivity solutions from NBS – the MLX 5000 ) milling solution. Designed to answer customer needs for higher capacity, improved ergonomics, space efficiency and new market requirements for products, such as dual interface car ....Read more
  • 10:03:37 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The HML 4000 is designed for hot melt tape lamination on micro module films. The HML 4000 punches the hot melt tape, synchronizes it with the micromodule tape and binds both together. Functional Synopsis 1. At the equipment input, the micro module film is unwound along with it ....Read more
  • 10:05:20 - 26/11/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS NBS brings customers the utmost in flexibility and value with the Aptitude™ MTH-C Test Handler. The MTH-C test handler is a high capacity reel-to-reel machine that can typically be integrated into the micromodule production line following the micro module coating/milling equipm ....Read more