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  • 07:57:19 - 05/12/2018
    Active & Intelligent Packaging Technologies Brand protection landscape has been evolving substantially in the last few years, and it continues to do so. The scale and scope of the problem of counterfeiting continues to expand primarily due to two forces, causing a rapid increasing influx of counterfeit ....Read more
  • 08:24:17 - 26/12/2018
    The HB924-6 Batching with Inline Wrapping System feeds and batches product at speeds up to 72,000 PPH when running dual stream configuration. With Pack-Smart’s state of the art RP924-6 product is picked from the loader and placed with incredible accuracy into the batching unit below. The 6 x 360º a ....Read more
  • 08:55:36 - 26/12/2018
    Inserting three-dimensional products into a high-speed production line is difficult. At Pack-Smart Inc. we understand your challenges. That is why we have developed what is now the industry standard feeding system, the Rotary Pick and Place 900 Series. Feeding the world since 1996 the RP900 Series has tipped ....Read more
  • 08:57:15 - 26/12/2018
    At the forefront of the Secure & SIM card packaging industry is the SC500 Secure SIM Card Packaging System from Pack-Smart Inc. With speeds up to 13,000 PPH, placement accuracy of ±0.020”, and uptime upwards of 95%, this system will redefine your business. Our end-to-end solutions will reduce ....Read more
  • 08:58:34 - 26/12/2018
    Pack-Smart’s family of Mega Mailer systems are designed to give our customers the tools and flexibility they need to explore new manufacturing opportunities in the premium direct mail and specialty finishing world. By combining folding, gluing, sample and 3D object affixing and personalization in a sing ....Read more
  • 09:00:02 - 26/12/2018
    The CP2500-1 from Pack-Smart Inc. is the industry’s most robust and flexible card personalization solution. With speeds up to 30,000 PPH, it is ideal for all your closed, secure, and open loop needs. By combining advanced features, uncompromising quality, top throughput, reliable reporting, and an opera ....Read more
  • 09:01:30 - 26/12/2018
    The Pack-Smart IIA-175 Inline Insert Affixing System is fully integrated and the most successful way to combine multiple pre-folded pharmaceutical inserts/outserts in variable stack counts. The system comes in two standard configurations, inline and hybrid, and employs Pack-Smart’s industry-leading RP91 ....Read more
  • 09:02:49 - 26/12/2018
    When 100% identification, validation, and recording of SKU/version control are required, Pack-Smart’s Smart Scan 250 is the answer. Pack-Smart’s high-speed continuous feed system with up to 60,000 UPH delivers on capturing, decoding, validating or diverting barcoded product. The Pack-Smart Barcode ....Read more
  • 09:04:26 - 26/12/2018
    RPS3000 Series Reciprocating Pick and Place module has been designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. The robust design makes it an ideal solution for feeding: trays, leaflets, sachet, clam shells and other odd shaped materials and products. The advantage of using the RPS3000 is the opportunity to au ....Read more
  • 09:16:04 - 26/12/2018
    Our rugged, flexible, and extremely versatile feeding modules are essential to any production line. Built with the customer in mind and boasting the most advanced control system on the market Pack-Smart Inc.’s feeding modules are incredibly accurate and efficient with unmatched reliability. Our Pack-Sma ....Read more
  • 09:09:43 - 26/12/2018
    Employed in a spectrum of converting markets, the friction feeder is generally utilized for host product feeding applications. The Pack-Smart friction feeder is a cost-effective solution for industrial automation feeding and inserting projects. From inserting a coupon to collating signature or paint swatches, ....Read more
  • 09:11:49 - 26/12/2018
    Pack-Smart’s Flexo Pattern Gluer module applies metered glue coatings to sheets or webs. PG900 units are equipped with state of the art servo-driven technology and registration systems for integration with Pack-Smart or third-party equipment. The distinct advantage of using the Flexo Pattern Gluing tech ....Read more
  • 09:13:00 - 26/12/2018
    Pack-Smart High-Speed Label Applicator easily, and efficiently applies a wide range of label types with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Pack-Smart Label Applicator is capable of running speeds up to 250 PPM while maintaining accuracy up to +- 1/32”. It incorporates two sensors, one to detect the prese ....Read more

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