• 08:56:18 - 10/09/2021
      PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The Horizon card personalization system is a high-volume, high-speed system engineered with individual Card Personalization Elements (CPE's) to provide flexibility and customization to meet your specific requirements. With the introduction of CPE's, the Horizon card
  • 08:56:32 - 10/09/2021
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The Horizon Evolution HD card personalization system is the expandable solution for customers requiring central card issuance solutions and is specifically designed to bridge the gap between three major markets – Financial/EMV card issuance, Telecom/GSM card issuance, and Secu
  • 11:30:42 - 28/12/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The HPX card personalization system is your solution for high-speed personalization of Telecom / GSM cards in a central card issuance environment.   Specifically designed for the production of GSM, contactless and dual interface cards, the HPX card personalization system bring
  • 11:30:51 - 28/12/2018
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The NBS-1500 Mail fulfillment system is designed to work inline with the Horizon family of card personalization equipment or as a standalone. The NBS 1500 can connect directly with the Horizon , Horizon Evolution products as well as NBS Desktop products the ImageMaster D40 , and Imag