MM-1000 Mega Mailer

08:58:34 - 26 December 2018 By ADMIN

Pack-Smart’s family of Mega Mailer systems are designed to give our customers the tools and flexibility they need to explore new manufacturing opportunities in the premium direct mail and specialty finishing world. By combining folding, gluing, sample and 3D object affixing and personalization in a single pass, our systems allow users to create unique and exciting direct mail and multi-substrate based direct mail projects. Built on a fiber optic network, utilizing brushless servo-driven technology and state of the art motion control, our high-performance modular solutions enable unparalleled production flexibility and throughput.

Our folding systems can be equipped with options that will produce folds in six directions without having to change the orientation of the product at speeds of up to 30,000 UPH. The six-shaft arrangement of the scoring/perforation module executes a directional perforating, scoring or slitting process in-line with Pack-Smart feeders and vacuum transports. Directional scoring, perforating, and slitting is achieved by employing three sets of independently adjustable precision ground, hardened shafts. Due to the high quality and precision of our scoring components, our systems achieve scores that exceed the press quality of conventional letterpress applications. Scores formed on Pack-Smart systems are crisp and eliminate cracking after folding even on difficult stocks.

The Pack-Smart VC Series vacuum transport is ideal for all custom tipping, folding & gluing and imaging applications. Fully adjustable vacuum volume, selectable zones and easy, proprietary belt tracking systems coupled with electronic gearing technology make setup a snap. Along with an industry best drive system capable of running at speeds of 200 mph, Pack-Smart’s vacuum transports are an essential part of your mail finishing solution.

We also offer universal and automatic pile or shingled delivery systems for all Pack-Smart mailing systems. All units come with mechanical and electronic height adjustment and batch size control. Adjustable shingling rollers ensure that finished products are delivered in a perfect stack.


Complete your specialty print finishing process at the highest speeds available, 30,000 PPH.


Personalize each piece with inline DOD ink jets with up to 600 dpi or generate print and apply labels for affixing during the production process.


With Pack-Smart's focus on modular design your system can complete all necessary processes in a single system pass; folding, gluing, scoring, tipping, personalization, and more.

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