SC500 Secure SIM Card Packaging System

08:57:15 - 26 December 2018 By ADMIN

At the forefront of the Secure & SIM card packaging industry is the SC500 Secure SIM Card Packaging System from Pack-Smart Inc. With speeds up to 13,000 PPH, placement accuracy of ±0.020”, and uptime upwards of 95%, this system will redefine your business. Our end-to-end solutions will reduce your labor costs, increase your throughput, and improve the quality of your finished product. Pack-Smart’s full data capturing, and reporting system allows tracking of your product throughout the entire run. Rejected products are tracked, diverted, and a report is created detailing the issue.

This allows our customers to diagnose and adjust, while still running with a 100% guarantee only verified products reach the delivery area. Utilizing a virtual machine platform, the 100% servo-driven system provides unmatched reliability and flexibility to accommodate your customers product’s needs.

Multiple Component Inserting | Package and Component Personalization | Full Data Capturing, Tracking, and Reporting. Modular design is at the core of all Pack-Smart systems. This building block approach to design allows our customers to tailor their system to their specific needs at any point in time. Prior to purchase, or after owning a system for several years, Pack-Smart is ready to help integrate additional features into your production line. Whether it be the personalization of cards, carriers, or both, we can offer that in-line in a single system pass.

At Pack-Smart we work with our customers every step of the way and provide continuing support long after the Pack-Smart system has been delivered to your facility.


Speeds up to 13,000 UPH. Optimize your process with our end-to-end solutions, including batching, wrapping, and labeling bundles.


Card and component placement accuracy of 0.015" ensuring your finished product maintains its high-quality appearance.


With integrated verification systems your product is tracked throughout the production process. All errors are diverted, and remakes are initiated, guaranteeing a 100% verified product is delivered.

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