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Active & Intelligent Packaging Technologies

Brand protection landscape has been evolving substantially in the last few years, and it continues to do so. The scale and scope of the problem of counterfeiting continues to expand primarily due to two forces, causing a rapid increasing influx of counterfeit parts into global supply chains. Pack-Smart ePedigree solutions provide assurance to brand owners through highly integrated performance brand protection technologies: On-product anti-counterfeit solutions, online brand monitoring solutions, consumer-enabled brand protection via smartphone, tamper evidence solutions. Packaging is already one of the most powerful marketing and brand protection tools in existence. Pack-Smart has pioneered the development of technologies that empower brand and packaging leaders with the control and protection they need. Our customers are discovering the benefits of this high-tech packaging in the active and intelligent marketplace every day.

Pack-Smart Advantage


Deter grey market products by producing only the highest quality packaging, incorporated with Pack-Smart’s active and intelligent packaging technologies.

Track and Trace

Our systems can be outfitted with data tracking and reporting, vision inspection, and state of the art defect detection systems.


Pack-Smart systems DOD and printed electronic componentry allow for the personalization of each package. Each unique package’s data is verified and stored for traceability.

Card Personalization and Packaging - Pack-Smart Card Systems, Duplex, EMV Card

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