LB250 Label Applicator

09:13:00 - 26 December 2018 By ADMIN

Pack-Smart High-Speed Label Applicator easily, and efficiently applies a wide range of label types with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Pack-Smart Label Applicator is capable of running speeds up to 250 PPM while maintaining accuracy up to +- 1/32”. It incorporates two sensors, one to detect the presence of an oncoming carrier and one to verify the presence of a label.

The height of the brush assembly at the bottom of the labeller is adjusted according to the carrier/card thickness. The brush itself applies light pressure to the label to ensure adherence. By combining our proprietary engineering designs with brushless servo-driven technology our Label Applicators require minimal maintenance in full-time manufacturing settings. Progressive features include an Electronic Gearing Module which permits product surface cam profiling, ensuring smooth application without blisters or wrinkles, even with mini labels.

Features and Specs

Speed: 250 PPM
Accuracy: +-0.03"
Web Width: 0.2" - 2.76"
Minimum label gap: 0.15"
Minimum label length: 0.4"
Minimum gap between web and label (on each side): 0.125"
Maximum product gauge: 0.25"
Core: 3"
Roll OD: 22"
Width: 19.7"
Length: 35.4"
Height: 27.6"


The LB250 Label Applicator is efficient, with low operating costs, and serves a variety of applications with a single module.

Available Functionalities/Add-Ons

RFID, EAS, magstripe, Velcro, piggyback label, scratch-off label, foam polygon hubs, pressure sensitive, scented labels, and more.

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