PG900 Flexo Pattern Gluer

09:11:49 - 26 December 2018 By ADMIN

Pack-Smart’s Flexo Pattern Gluer module applies metered glue coatings to sheets or webs. PG900 units are equipped with state of the art servo-driven technology and registration systems for integration with Pack-Smart or third-party equipment. The distinct advantage of using the Flexo Pattern Gluing technique is the ability to produce unlimited shapes of glue and coatings without changing sheet direction.

The Flexo Pattern Gluer module consists of two rollers allowing glue application, fragrances or coatings. Precision ground deep etched cylinders eliminate slinging and increase the durability of the system. The Pack-Smart equipment has a 36” impression roller with a doctor (metering) roll. The gluing system has its own encoder that mounts, as well as, a product detection sensor. The system has available repeats of 36”, 18”, 12 and 9” (914.4mm to 229mm). The metering roll and the impression roll are mechanically connected through gearing so that they both run at the same surface speed. In order to skip a carrier to be glued or to account for a missing carrier, the drum lifts by way of electronic control.

Features and Specs

Speed: 200 m.p.m.
Accuracy: +-0.02"
Minimum material size: 1" x 1" x 0.003
Maximum material size: 20" x 24" x 0.01"
Width: 40"
Length: 36"
Height: 25"


The PG900 Flexo Pattern Gluer reduces glue slinging, has lower consumable costs, and provides its owners with the flexibility to produce an unlimited amount of glue patterns.

Available Functionalities/Add-Ons

Window affixing
Media packaging
Direct mail
Burst and open sample fragrances
Secure packaging

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