RPS3000 Reciprocating Pick and Place

09:04:26 - 26 December 2018 By ADMIN

RPS3000 Series Reciprocating Pick and Place module has been designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. The robust design makes it an ideal solution for feeding: trays, leaflets, sachet, clam shells and other odd shaped materials and products. The advantage of using the RPS3000 is the opportunity to automate the slow and costly process of feeding oddly shaped objects that may not be able to be fed through a Rotary Placer or conventional feeding applications. With an industry leading 80 CPM (cycles per minute) and multi-stream setups, the Pack-Smart intermittent motion pick and place will reduce manual labor requirements while increasing throughput. Optional servo drives are available on the RPS3000 to allow quick integration with third-party systems, improved control features, and an increased top speed to 90 CPM

Features and Specs

Speed: 80-90 CPM (cycles per minute)
Placement accuracy: +-0.02"
Magazine height: 30"
Drive: 100% servo-driven
Dimensions: Application dependent


Designed for introducing large 3D objects into a production line. Ideal for multi-stream indexing applications.

Available Functionalities/Add-Ons

Multifold, coupons, plastic plates, plastic trays, corrugated trays, styrofoam trays, thermoform trays, foil trays glassine, card stock, plastic cards, sachets, CDs, DVDs, pharmaceutical inserts, injection molded parts

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