SS-250 Barcode Verification System

09:02:49 - 26 December 2018 By ADMIN

When 100% identification, validation, and recording of SKU/version control are required, Pack-Smart’s Smart Scan 250 is the answer. Pack-Smart’s high-speed continuous feed system with up to 60,000 UPH delivers on capturing, decoding, validating or diverting barcoded product. The Pack-Smart Barcode Scanner is capable of reading Code-128, Data Matrix, UPCA/B, EAN-13, PDF-417 and QR-Code barcodes. The SS-250 is an ideal solution for high-speed barcode reading on a wide variety of products such as folding cartons, blister cards, pharmaceutical packaging, CR80 cards and just about any other application that requires 100% product version accuracy.


Verify products at the highest speeds available, 60,000 PPH.


Divert rejected product to ensure only 100% verified product reaches the delivery conveyor.


Pack-Smart's multiple feeding options allow for a wide range of different products to verified using a single system. Combined with a machine up-time of 98% this system is undeniably efficient.

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