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Printing mode Thermal Label Printing mode Thermal Receipt Printing mode
Dot density 203DPI 203DPI
Print width 80mm(max.) 72mm (max.)
Print Speed 127mm/sec(max.) 160mm/sec
Memory RAM: 128K     Flash: 512K  NV flash: 60k
Print head temperature detect Thermal sensitive resistance Thermal sensitive resistance
Print headposition detect Micro switch Micros witch
Paper sensor Photo electricity Photo electricity
Interface Serial + USB Serial + USB
Serial + USB + Bluetooth (optional) Serial + USB + Bluetooth (optional)
Serial + USB + WIFI (optional) Serial + USB + WIFI (optional)
Serial + USB + Clock (optional) Serial + USB + Clock (optional)
Code page PC437/PC850/PC852/PC860/PC865/WPC1250/ PC437/Katakana/PC850/PC860/PC863/PC865/West
WPC1252/WPC1243/WPC1254/WestEurope/ Europe/Greek/Hebrew/East  Europe/Iran/WPC1252/
Greek/Hebrew/EastEuropel/Iran/Iranll/Latvian/ PC866/PC852/PC858/Iranll/Latvian/Arabic/PT151,1251/
Arabic/Vietnam/Uygur/Thai/WPC1251/WPC1257/ PC747/WPC1257/Vietnan/PC864/PC100/Uygur/Thai
Barcode type CODE128,EAN128,ITF,CODE39,CODE93,EAN13, UPC_A,UPC_E,JAN13(EAN13),JAN8(EANA),CODE39,
Character font Font 0~Font 8 ASCII
Gb18030  Simplified/Traditional Chinese  Korean    Font A:12x24 dots
Font B:9x17 dots
Gb18030, simplified/traditional Chinese,
Korean:24x24 dots
Character enlargement & rotation 1~10 times enlargement in horizontal and vertical 1~8 times enlargement in horizontal and vertical 
direction; Rotation printing (0o, 90o, 180o, 270o, ) directions;Rotation printing, inversion printing
 Single color PCX, BMP image file can be download  
Image into flash Support different dot density bitmap and download  bitmap to print
Paper type Thermal paler roll / adhesive thermal paper Thermal paper roll
Paper Width 20~80mm 80mm
Paper diameter 80mm max. 80mm max.
Paper cutting way Auto cutter , partial cut Auto cutter, partial cut
Input DC24 / 2A DC24V/2A
Cash drawer output DC12V/1A DC12V/1A
Work environment Temperature: 5 ~ 45℃, Humidity: 20 ~ 80% Temperature: 5 ~ 45℃, Humidity: 20 ~ 80%
Storage environment Temperature: -40 ~ 55℃, Humidity: 10 ~ 93% Temperature: -40 ~ 55℃, Humidity: 10 ~ 93%
Dimension 192mm*145mm*147mm(LxWxH) 192mm*145mm*147mm(LxWxH)
Weight 1.4kg 1.4kg

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